Admission for KU International Students (Non-degree Programs)



      For international students who wish to take short-term courses or participate in an exchange (study with credit required), internship, training or research programs at Kasetsart University, please fill in your information and submit the online application form with the required documents.

       If your application is accepted, the International Affair Divisions will issue an acceptance letter and a certifying letter to facilitate your visa application process (Education Visa). For more information, please contact


Academic Year 2021 

For International/English Programs

1st Semester, 2022:  8 August  2022 – 19  December 2022. Deadline for application May 16, 2022

2nd Semester, 2022: 9  January 2023  – 15  May 2023. Deadline for application October 17, 2022

For Thai Programs

1st Semester, 2022:  27  June 2022  –  7  November 2022. Deadline for application May 16, 2022

2nd Semester, 2021: 28  November 2022 – 3  April 2023. Deadline for application October 17, 2022

*Admission for internship, training and research programs can be done all year round*


An international program for Exchange Student 

How to apply:

  1. Enter Application for KU International Students (Non-degree Programs) below via Google Chrome web browser.
  3. Fill in your personal information, check accuracy and attach required documents.
  4. After you submit your application, the system will show your ticket number to enable you to monitor the status of your application.
  5. The review process normally takes no longer than 3 weeks. The International Affairs Division will send you an e-mail or you can check the status online by going to CHECK STATUS.
  6. Your application status will include the following information:  1) The faculty’s decision on your application (Faculty Decision) 2) Issuance of an acceptance letter (LOA) and a visa facilitation Letter ( LOA & Letter for Visa) , and 3) Issuance of your student ID (Student ID)                                                                                                                                                                                          * You must use Google Chrome web browser only *

                                                 Enter    >>  Application form

                                                                >>   Check Status

Required Documents >> click

Other Information :

1. International Studies Center (ISC) is the main center that takes care of international students with regard to accommodation, visa extension and health and travel insurance.  So, when you arrive at KU,  please contact ISC >> ISC website

2. Definition:

Type of Programs

Degree Programs: A basic program for both undergraduate and graduate students, who will receive a degree certificate after completing the program.

Non-DegreePrograms : A short-term course for students to explore new things and experience that do not require a degree but will possibly receive a certificate of attendance base on the type of program – for example, credit transfer programs, Internship programs, research program, and training program.

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4. KU Handbook

5. KU Fact Sheet 2022

6. Dormitory : On- Campus (Kissana Dormitory)>> Download form ,  Off-Campus Dormitories

 For more information, please contact:  International Affairs Division, Email: