International Policy

International Policies of Kasetsart University

Kasetsart University emerged initially as College of Agriculture offering a 3-year non-degree training program. Later this College of Agriculture was conferred a state of University status on February 2, 1943 with the official name “Kasetsart University”. According to large increase in the need for the degree holders in various fields in addition to agriculture and related sciences, Kasetsart University has been developed into a full-fledged University providing high standard of education. Up to the present, Kasetsart University, as a comprehensive University, has operated four campuses throughout the country, as follows:

  1. Bangkhen Campus in Bangkok (established in 1943)
  2. Kamphaeng Saen Campus in Nakhon Prathom (established in 1979)
  3. Sri Racha Campus in Chon Buri (established in 1988), and
  4. Chalermprakiat Sakon Nakhon Provice Cumpus in Sakon Nakhon (established in 1996)

In 2009 Kasetsart University was designated by Office of Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education to be a national research university. So as to achieve the “Research University” status, the University then has integrated her competencies in all disciplines and other resources to follow her part to become a “Center of Academic Excellence” in Asia. At present, researches from Kasetsart University are transferred to the public with high impact for the well  being of the country. With the vision “to Become a Leading Research University”, Kasetsart University possesses the potential and readiness to pursue joint researches as well as to share her experience and accumulated knowledge with international partners on international stages.

Today, internationalization has been considered as a major development policies of the University. Therefore, Kasetsart University has accelerated and provided strong support to initiate and conduct various collaborative programs with more than 300 partners worldwide. Such activities are:

Exchange of Students and Members,

Joint Researches, seminar, symposium, conferences, workshop, and

Exchange of Publications and Scientific Materials.

It is inevitable to say that those activities represent the commitment of Kasetsart University in the global society.

Though Kasetsart University is a public University in Thailand where Thai is our medium of instruction, there are more than 500 courses offered in English and other languages for the benefit of Student Mobility Programs of the University. At present, Kasetsart University is an essential destination in Southeast Asia for students from all regions.

Aiming to ascending and achieving the major gold of Kasetsart University, International Affairs Division commits herself to emphasize on the following tasks under the motto “the Spirit of Development towards the Global Society.”

  1. Enhancing academic cooperation, research, exchanges of faculty members, staff, students and other activities with partners in ASEAN, ASEAN+3, ASEAN+6, and ASEAN+8 due to the formation of ASEAN.
  2. Accelerating concrete academic collaboration activities between Kasetsart University and international partners in Europe and Asia.
  3. Assisting faculty members, staff, and students to pursue their advanced studies abroad (in partner universities).
  4. Seeking funding for academic collaboration such as exchange of faculty members, staff, and students, research, development and services.
  5. Stimulating academic exchange and information transfer for the accumulation and development of intellectual knowledge.
  6. Assisting faculties and institutes to collaborate with partner universities on academic activities such as curriculum development etc.
  7. Excelling as an information database network center.
  8. Strengthening Kasetsart University to the international community and global society with our partners and network.
  9. Ensuring that the use of information technology for academic cooperation, resources, budget, human capital and other strategies to strengthen academic ties with partners, for example, to initiate the international Cooperation Network Project with national and international partners.