The predecessor to the International Affairs Division was the Foreign Relations Sector, which was established in 1965 under the supervision of KU’s Office of the President, the Head of the sector was the Secretariat to the President of KU. Its responsibility was to look after all of the university international affairs and policies. During 1975 KU reorganized its divisions from five to seven and the Foreign Relations Sector became a sector of the General Administration Division, approval of projects and activities organized by the Division was decided by KU Vice Presidents.

On the 19th of September 1991 KU announced its project of establishing the Foreign Relations Division so that KU can expand its international activities. Under the Royal Gazette the Foreign Relations Division was to be under the supervision of KU’s Office of the President. It was established on the 28th of February 1994.

As the International Affairs Division continued to expand its activities and was receiving worldwide recognition, it decided to change its name to the International Affairs Division to be more representative of KU international policies.